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What is special about Dedi?

Conventional social discovery services do not always have the best interest of the user in mind. We want to make things different. Here is how.

Explore any way you want

We want you to control who you see and when you see them. Most social discovery apps use a limited and set amount of filters you can apply like gender, age, and location. The rest is determined by algorithms where you have no control, and these algorithms are not designed to help you find the right relations, but to make you stay online, click on ads or buy services.

We want to give you more options. One day you might want to look for culinary people, and the next day you are interested in dog lovers, surfers or travellers. We have a wide range of filters and features you can combine to go on a social safari. The way you want when you want.

We are cheaper

Our model is free of charge. We plan to introduce a premium version at a later stage but at this point, Dedi does not cost you anything. We want to create value for our users before we create value for ourselves. You can soon opt to buy in-game currency, premium subscription and more.

Fun and games

Social discovery should be interactive and entertaining. That’s why gamification and gameability is a big part of our concept. You can earn coins in a number of ways, for time spent on the app, amount of profiles slidden, daily rewards, chests and more. You can spend your virtual currency on enhancing your personal user experience, such as which people you are being shown to and vice versa.

Your data is safe with us

At Dedi we have taken a step back from algorithms that try to predict who you’ll like, we’ve gotten rid of 3rd party tracking and are now offering you a digital freeworld. With Dedi you can search for exactly who you want, knowing you won’t be served ads based on your private social activity. Many services exploit your data by selling it to third parties. That doesn't happen with us. Your data stays with us and you are in full control of how long we keep it.


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