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No ads to run the show

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

A vast part of the internet economy is based on ads. Google earns more than 80% of its revenue from advertising and Facebook around 99%. In 2020, digital advertising spending worldwide stood at an estimated $378 billion and is expected to reach $646 billion in 2024.

That is why tech companies like Facebook offer these seemingly free services like social networks. But as internet pioneer Tim O'Reilly once said: "If the product is free, you are the product." In exchange for services like social networks, you provide these companies with your personal behavioural data, which they then use to present you with a never-ending stream of ads.

At Dedi, we do not believe that is a fair transaction, especially because you have no control and there is no transparency as to how your data is being used. For instance, the social network might choose to sell your data to a third party that can target you in different ways. You will never know where your data ends up or what it’s used for.

That’s why control and transparency for the users are at the heart of our venture. We will not use your data against you but only apply the data to give you the best and most gameable experience.

We also want to be transparent about how we run Dedi. Our business model is based on two sources of income, a monthly pro user fee of $3 plus on-site gamification and entertainment where users can use coins to get bonus features. However, both these features are optional, you are the one in control. You can choose to go for the free basic version of Dedi and then you decide whether you want to use the gaming features.

Take back your social and get a fair and ad-free deal with Dedi.


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