Our Principles

'Take back your social' spawned from three fundamental principles which the Dedi community strictly abides by. These principles are essential for the fulfilment of our main mission, giving back users control of their social networks. 

Giving Users Full Control

We are working tirelessly on bringing true gameability to social networking, our app gives people a chance to control whom they see and connect with. You earn coins by simply sliding to connect, in turn, you can use these coins to buy features and customise your social discovering. Take back control of your social network for free, go to download and get the app to start connecting in no time.

Ad-Free Entertainment

We never use your interactions on our app to target you with creepy almost mindreading ads, we don't even show ads on our platform. Stop wasting valuable hours of your life watching endless feeds of sponsored content, start meeting people you actually want to connect with not just someone recommended by an algorithm.

If that didn't get you interested remember our services are 100% free to use, not just ad-free.

Eco-friendly features

Everybody wants to do something for the better, whether it's for the animals, the environment or the people of the world. We want to give you the possibility to do a little good for the globe while doing something good for yourself. 

With our innovative eco-friendly features, you can help the globe and show your current, and possible future friends that you care about making the world a better place for everyone and everything in it.

Through social discovery, you can save up to support your preferred causes. It has never been this rewarding to help the world.

Privacy Oriented

Since we don't target you with annoying ads we haven't got the need for collecting all your information and analyzing it to show better ads. We only collect production data such as most used features, monthly active users, errors, etc. 

As a result, we don't need to use any 3rd party services to optimise ad delivery, letting us truly revolutionise privacy in social services by simply not sharing your data with non-essential service providers.