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Take back your social!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Ad-free, privacy-oriented and user-controlled social discovery service bringing true gameability to social networking.

Dedi is a new kind of social network with you, the user, in control. Is that not the case with other networks? Not really. With Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc. algorithms are the deciding factor. Tech companies utilize algorithms to serve you the content they believe will make you spend as much time as possible on the network, and engage with ads that subsequently makes you buy products.

These networks are set up to monitor and analyze your every move to present you with the content deemed to be the most enticing. They do not care about the type of content, as long as it keeps you hooked. In fact, these networks are meant to nurture an addiction as shown in the 2020 American docudrama The Social Dilemma with the tagline: "The technology that connects us, also controls, divides, and monetizes us."

There must be a less opaque and more honest way to run a social network, we thought. Where you can meet and interact with people based on your own personal preferences, and not what the algorithm chooses for you. Where you take back control of your social network

The answer is Dedi. A genuine social safari where you can explore people and discover relationships. Where the primary objective is to enhance your personal experience, without intrusive algorithms interfering. The real deal. Take back your social and join the Dedi experience.


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