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At Dedi, iterations are constant, teamwork and problem solving, working towards our ultimate goal. Creating the most gameable way to meet new people for everyone around the world.

For this exact reason, it remains important that Dedi's workforce reflects our global vision.  

The Foundation


We love gaming, how we can customize our virtual experience with coins, chests and quests. Giving us instant entertainment, anywhere, anytime.


We love social networks, how they help us stay in touch with friends and family, meet new people and most of all have a good time.

The Team

The Dedi team consists of a diverse and dedicated group

of highly performance-oriented individuals.

 We strive to achieve our best every day, the uplifting spirit ensnaring everyone here at dedi gives us the motivation to work hard all the time. 


Our goal is to give you the most gameable social discovery experience.

We love social networks & we love gaming so we thought, why not combine the two?

Dedi is our answer.

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