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Who is behind Dedi?

With a current team of ten people, Dedi was founded by CEO Alexander Hellowell and CTO Kristoffer Tølbøll. We are two Danish guys in our mid-twenties. We met several years ago over a common interest in technology, business, and having fun.

Both of us have pretty outgoing personalities. We are inherently curious and like to meet new people. But we found the conventional social networks rigid in their approach and with too much emphasis on meeting people your current friends know. The suggested connections are predictable and make it difficult to meet new people.

That is why we came up with Dedi, an app for genuine social discovery, where the user is in control and decides the parameters for making exciting new connections.

Since we started working on Dedi, our partnership has grown even more substantial. We supplement each other gracefully both in terms of personalities and skills. Alexander sets the overall direction and product strategy. He constantly iterates on the user experience and how to meet people's needs. Kristoffer is the tech guy, a software specialist with a knack for business. We love working with Dedi because it makes sense and it's fun.


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