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Social Media Is Killing Creativity

Social media is killing creativity – and entrepreneurs.

Some commenters claim that social media profoundly impacts how young people consume media and create content. But this isn't about what young people are creating; instead, it is what they choose to consume.

Recently, Forbes revealed that the number of venture capital deals in the creative technology sector has been declining since the start of this year.

Digital media is competing for consumer attention with digital media. This competition is creating a disconnect between people in the real world.

At one level, this is a stark reality of how much space exists to fill as the new media landscape flourishes – especially when it comes to defining what constitutes connections in social networks. The crux of the issue here is creativity. In a world where people constantly connect to everything they want to connect to, and they're rewarded by socializing with what they already have or know, creativity is arguably the last thing that needs development.

Creativity is one of the things we need to inspire, develop, connect with, and create – and what is holding back the rest of the creative industries from exploring and innovating through creativity is the difficulty of making a viable social network.

Ultimately creativity and the building of interests require a network. Why? Because if you're not making connections that align with your goods, chances are you'll start creating a bunch of new ones with no shared interests instead.

Creating Sustainable Networks

Connecting with the right people is the key to establishing a solid network. Connecting with creative people with similar interests is a great way to get ahead – and for creativity to flourish.

Trying to build a network of people that might not be interested in the same things you are is a great way to end up with a homogenous group of people doing the same things – this is not creativity-enhancing.

To be creative, you must explore and push yourself beyond your comfort zone – finding the people who share your interests and can challenge you in that field. This can be as simple as asking people what they like to do, but that's not enough. What makes your connection worthy? What do you have in common with them?

You'll need to dig around to find this out. Get creative with your connections.

Sally Abbot of Callato Media believes that networking – in this case, creating connections between people with similar interests and values – is a highly potent form of creative social networking. She also states that creativity is being killed by the inability to connect with people you want to connect with. Dedi is our attempt to solve this issue.

Social media is creating a self-contained niche network. Some entrepreneurs complain that this creates a closed environment – and that the connections you develop online with the current platforms will never become a prosperous network. Entrepreneurs like myself are experiencing a creative disconnect that can only be remedied by making new social connections.

If we compete with existing social networks, creativity does not matter. It's creativity connected with connections – creativity with real people you want to communicate with and goals you want to collaborate on. Connecting with real people happens at Dedi, not personalized niche networks.

We don't offer a single niche network at Dedi – we provide professional networking and support creativity. By connecting interests with real people (not brands and influencers) and allowing people to grow naturally and organically, creative networks are fuelled, and genuine innovative networks are established.

Building a creative network is more about who you choose to connect with – and when – than engaging on a creative level with every single person.

We call this social discovery – connecting with new people to discover your niche network and connecting with people outside your niche network to create your expanded creative network.

Sure, we're encouraging connections – but we want to help you build a creative network that connects people with your natural interests – and it's not happening at this point. We're on a mission to change that.

Dedi isn't about being creative – and it's not about finding a bunch of creative people, either. At Dedi, we're letting people create connections with others who share their interests and passions. We believe that connecting with people you want to connect with will naturally inspire you to be creative and that connecting with a bunch of people with whom you aren't sharing at least one interest is just as resourceful as engaging with people you don't want to connect with.

Connect with other real people who can show you a new perspective on how you can create your creative vision and help you see things differently.

Connecting through social discovery to create your creative network is what Dedi offers. We're building a curated community to connect creative-minded people in their industries, hobbies, and jobs.

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