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Be attractive by compassion

We want our users to find each other based on their shared interests, be it hobbies or business. But, it doesn't hurt to make your profile stand out with a distinctive emblem or skin. However, in our experience, such visual moves can often be self-indulgent and, frankly, without any real meaning, i.e .boring.

We think it is better to be straightforward, transparent, and do something good for others.

That is why we offer emblems to level up your profile with a real purpose. When you buy such a life feature on Dedi, you show your support for a good cause with a worthwhile undertaking. We have selected some causes to choose from, and supporting these will be reflected in your emblems. I.e., if you go for showing support for helping apes, you will get a monkey emblem.

We believe sharing the desire to contribute to the same good cause can spawn an exciting connection between two people.

Our current life features are:

Plant A Tree: Choose this feature to show support for planting trees. Show other people that you care for our forests and stand against deforestation.

Save The Primates: Voice your support for protecting and preserving primates on

the verge of extinction. Go bananas for the monkeys!

Clean The Ocean: Oceans are drowning in plastic. Eco systems are dying. Show people you want to help the oceans.

Clean Our Air: Show people you want greenhouse gas emissions cut, take a stand against global warming.


Currently, buying a life feature doesn’t mean donating any money to any of the causes mentioned in the respective features. We are working on the legal aspects of implementing a system to donate a fixed amount of money for every feature bought, we don’t want to mislead you and let you think you’re actually donating to the causes. Although we strongly encourage you to find someone who shares your devotion to saving our world and do some good together, go collect trash on the beach, in forests, plant a tree or two and establish connections over something meaningful.

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